LiveAlgo Hiubris Trend Indicator is super easy to use.

The Indicator includes Long and Short signals on chart, based on the current Trend direction – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.

It also includes multiple partial Exit Points (Take Profits) that can be used to lock in the profit you have made – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.
The Take Profits have a custom input that can be adjusted by the user regarding the frequency of the take profits – (The risk involved in each trade)

The indicator has a special Stop Loss feature that activates after a certain custom number of Take Profit points passed, locking down your profits you have made so far – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.

LiveAlgo Hiubris Trend Indicator is very profitable on higher timeframes (45min, 2h, 4h) – It can also be used on lower timeframes, together with another Higher Timeframe Trend indicator, acting as a filter for the alerts (Ex: LiveAlgo Hiubris Long Term Trend).

1.1 Release Notes: Update
– Added optional Percentage (%) Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, Up to 4-Step Take Profit and Break-Even SL
All those functions are fully configurable and of course, the Live Alert option is available for each one of them.

How to use
– You can enable/disable all the Percentage Exit options, by simply entering “0” in the input section
– You can show/hide the alerts and the line from these Exits
– You can setup alerts for each one of them, together or separately

1.2 Release Notes: 

– Added the “LiveAlgo Hiubris Trend Meter” Filter option – Buy and Sell Alerts will only trigger when the Trend Meter is also aligned with the trend direction
– Adjusted the Percentage Inputs so it accepts decimal values
– Adjusted the Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Break Even Stop so it works together with the LiveAlgo Hiubris Oscillator Exits

– Created a very detailed and in-depth guide on how all the indicator’s features works
* View here: Guide » LiveAlgo

* NONE of our Published indicators repaint!

1.3 Release Notes: 
– Minor Alerts Bugfix

1.4 Release Notes: Update
– At user request, we’ve added an ADX Filter to help out eliminate some of the losing entries in sideways trending markets.

1.5 Release Notes: Update
– Added a brand new entry system “HTI 2”, that works together with the new input “Trend Codes”. The Trend Codes (1, 2, 3) determine the responsiveness of the indicator, and how reactive it is to trend swings. With trend code 1, the indicator is highly reactive and will enter a lot of short-term trades (Usually good for swing trading), while trend code 3 is less responsive and will hold trades for longer periods.
– Cleaned up the inputs, removing unused features
– Published Backtesting Results for major Cryptocurrency pairs, with suggestions on what Trend code to use for each pair

1.6 Release Notes: Hotfix
– Fixed an issue where the Hiubris Oscillator based exits were not always correlated with HTI2 based entries and trading

1.7 Release Notes: Update
– Upgraded the Script to Pine version 4 to allow the use of the latest Alerts features

1.8 Release Notes: Hotfix
– Added the option to setup only 1 alert for both BUY and SELL Signals (User requested feature)

1.9 Release Notes: Update
– Added separate Alert conditions for each TP’s (User Request)
– Filtering entries with LiveAlgo Hiubris Trend Meter (HTM) now works for HTI 2 aswell

1.10 Release Notes: Minor Bugfix
– SL after n’th TP is now working correctly with all TP’s

1.11 Release Notes: Inputs Cleanup

1.12 Release Notes: Update
– Fine-tuned and perfected each Trend Code settings, especially TrendCode ‘1’
– Incorporated LiveAlgo Hiubris TrendLines and LiveAlgo Hiubris Autofibs into the main indicator to reduce the overall number of indicators from user’s charts.

1.13 Release Notes: Update
– Upon user request, we’ve added back the original Trend Code 1 settings